Training on INSPIRE and ESCAPE software + field validation - Philippines

The training on INSPIRE and ESCAPE software (25-28 September 2013, Manila) aims to enhance tsunami risk assessment and evacuation planning capacity. It introduces and trains participants on the functionalities and application of INSPIRE, or Internet-based Simulation Platform for Tsunami Inundation and Risk Evaluation, RIMES’ web portal for identifying tsunami sources, simulating tsunami propagation and inundation, integrating exposure data, and performing tsunami loss estimation; and of ESCAPE, or Evaluation system for Computing Accessibility and Planning Evacuation, a tool to support evacuation planning, using INSPIRE outputs. This workshop uses data generated from the field surveys in January 2013, which were subsequently processed in workshops held from June-July 2013.
After the training, PHIVOLCS and RIMES staff traveled to the project's pilot site, Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City, to preliminary present/discuss the inundation map and evacuation zone to the local DRRMO and Barrangay office, and to check on the site conditions of the potential retention area or shelters, demarcation of the potential inundation zone.